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Sou escritora e atriz. Adoro ler, escrever, assistir a filmes e ir ao teatro. Escrevi dois livros "A ilha e a menina" e "Livremente Mara", que virou peça de teatro e estreia no final deste ano.

domingo, 18 de maio de 2014

Why am I a writer?

You would ask me why am I posting texts in English. I’ll explain you! It’s because this blog was made to practice my writing and it doesn’t matter in what language I do it.

Most of my deep reflections come from my walking in the mornings or afternoons. I decided to let my car parked in my garage and walk to go to school. Then I do two things at the same time: I exercise and I don’t pollute the environment. When I walk, I start to think about my life and in all the changes I’ve had to pass through. I think about my occupations and I concluded that most of them are hobbies. I’m an English teacher, this is my real job. Being a writer or an actress is just occupations to amuse myself. In the other way, to write is the ability that makes me different, it is the way I can show my talent and my experience. I get confused sometimes because I’ve decided not to invest too much time in my writing stuffs anymore. Just for a while. I have other priorities at this moment. In the other hand, writing is a way to survive emotionally. What should I do?
Writer Raquel de Souza and designer Valmir Ortega comenting about the ilustrations of  The Girl and the Island (A Ilha e a Menina/ 2012, Sul Minas Publisher House)

quinta-feira, 15 de maio de 2014

How to be happy

I was walking and thinking about my life today. I started to wondering that I desire to do and to get a lot of things. And in my reflection I realized that I was wasting my time. I understood that I don’t need to wait to be happy until I reach my goals. It’s possible to be happy right now. My life is already wonderful. I have a good family and I’ve made friends in many different places in Brazil and abroad. I also published my two books, Livremente Mara (Free Mara) and, A Ilha e a Menina (The Island and the Girl). It was a difficult wish to reach but I did it. I’m a writer as I wish so many years ago. Because of this wish of being a writer, I had to change all my life. I worked hard to write and publish my books. I also worked too much to be a good actress. I’ve read a lot, I’ve studied a lot. I’ve believed that I was doing the right thing. I don’t feel sorry for every sacrifice I did to get my desires done and I wish too much more. But I’m tired to wait to be happy. So, I’m already happy and full of gratitude because I’m healthy, intelligent and strong to go ahead.

Thanks God, thanks mom and dad. Thanks my friends. I’m in the right place and in the right moment.