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Sou escritora e atriz. Adoro ler, escrever, assistir a filmes e ir ao teatro. Escrevi dois livros "A ilha e a menina" e "Livremente Mara", que virou peça de teatro e estreia no final deste ano.

domingo, 18 de maio de 2014

Why am I a writer?

You would ask me why am I posting texts in English. I’ll explain you! It’s because this blog was made to practice my writing and it doesn’t matter in what language I do it.

Most of my deep reflections come from my walking in the mornings or afternoons. I decided to let my car parked in my garage and walk to go to school. Then I do two things at the same time: I exercise and I don’t pollute the environment. When I walk, I start to think about my life and in all the changes I’ve had to pass through. I think about my occupations and I concluded that most of them are hobbies. I’m an English teacher, this is my real job. Being a writer or an actress is just occupations to amuse myself. In the other way, to write is the ability that makes me different, it is the way I can show my talent and my experience. I get confused sometimes because I’ve decided not to invest too much time in my writing stuffs anymore. Just for a while. I have other priorities at this moment. In the other hand, writing is a way to survive emotionally. What should I do?
Writer Raquel de Souza and designer Valmir Ortega comenting about the ilustrations of  The Girl and the Island (A Ilha e a Menina/ 2012, Sul Minas Publisher House)

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